German-American was organized on April 22, 1891, began operating on August 27th, 1891, and incorporated on November 27th, 1897 as a farm mutual insurance company with the goal of providing property insurance to rural and urban properties. Operations of the company are authorized and conducted under the provisions of Chapter 911, formerly Chapter 16, of the Texas Insurance Code. We are licensed to provide fire, storm and theft coverage. Policies are written by captive agents, select independent agents and our home office staff. We maintain reinsurance agreements with reinsurers who maintain an “A” rating with A.M. Best. This reinsurance is maintained for the benefit of our policy holders to provide them with added safety and stability. Specific information about our reinsurance program is available to our policy holders upon request.

The Board of Directors are elected at the annual meeting of the company each year and are empowered to transact the business of the company. Daily operations of the company are handled by office staff.

Independent agents writing for German-American are required to provide proof of license and E&O insurance.